GEROLDSEE | Filip Holič


So we finally got what we wanted. As if the Bavaria wanted to say goodbye in a good way. The penultimate day in the evening has the sun shined through the wall of clouds. Spontaneous idea: going to check out Geroldsee now! On arrival in Garmisch-Partenkirchen it was clear to us that for the sunset we have only little time because the surrounding rocks started to catch the color of the setting sun. But before we even get to the lake it was over. We just watched the rock of mighty which is towered over the lake Karwendel cloaked in shadow. A typical feature of this area are simple barns for the hay that stand at each of the surrounding meadow and everyone who is coming here to take pictures have them on every pictures. Well I am no exception. Frustrated with the last three days nothing much was working out we went to the lake very early and almost two hours we waited for the sunrise. I think that overall this trip was a success and besides couple of pictures and places that I just have to visit again I´m brought back nice memories.

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