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About me

Photography has been with me since childhood, but I really took to this lifestyle seriously around the age of 20. I love the outdoors and I love the never-ending attempts to try to portray the "feelings" I experience when taking photos. Warm evenings at dusk, an energizing feeling of loneliness, just me, and the mountain and the sounds of nature, and every single unique sunrise. My pictures are about nature and through each of them, they try to tell a story that I have experienced

I just love it. The camera really changed my life. It opened a new horizon for me and led me on a path that constantly motivates me and attracts me to further natural and human knowledge. When I travelled alone or set out to explore the ancient forest paths to the viewpoints, I always felt, well, a little lonely I suppose. Once I had a camera in my hand, my travels and my wanderings made sense! The camera was the missing piece of the puzzle. All the fears I had that I would be out for no reason were gone. There is nothing unreasonable outside, I am on a pilgrimage that always offers something new, something that can be told, that is worth something. Sometimes in a photo and sometimes only in myself.

Photography is my hobby and I focus most of my work on landscapes, but also other interesting things from the world of plants and animals, not excluding humans. I was most enchanted by the landscape of the Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland. It´s a really wonderful feeling when the first eager rays of the rising sun turn everything around you a reddish gold, while you stand alone on a protruding rock, trying to reveal the right moment and below you is an endless sea of storming mist

I hope that you will like my photos and that they will leave you with at least some of the emotions that I always experience when they are created. And who knows, maybe one day will meet somewhere on a rock or on the way to one of many nature stories.