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Calendar 2024

Already thinking about a gift for the end of the year? About a gift that will make you happy all year long and certainly won´t offend anyone? Or do you want your logo to be seen throughout the year in many places of your friends or business partners?

You are in right place. A large wall calendar with landscapes of the Bohemian Central Highlands, Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland, which we prepared for you with my good friend and photographer Petr Kovář. Gift your loved ones, friends and colleagues or employees and business partners. The calendar is suitable for all people who perceive the world not only with their eyes, but also with their hearts.

On 12 sheets of A3+ size (45x32 cm) you will find my photos with a thematic layout with regard to the seasons during 2023. On the wall you will be able to enjoy the landscapes that you can literally find outside your windows. They were inspired by our travelling exhibition "The unique landscape outside your windows".

The price of the calendar if you get it by yourself is 350 CZK (20 and more pieces for 300 CZK), if you want to send the calendar, the price will be increased by postage.

Here you can see a preview of what the calendar will look like.




The wall calendar is printed on high-quality paper. On the upper side there is a double metal spiral "twin wire" across the entire width of the calendar with a hook for easy hanging. The envelope is surface treated with anti-abrasion varnish. The back of the calendar is made of visible cardboard with a higher weight with a length of overlap of 5 cm, containing the logos of partners and your logo can also be placed here (CZK50/pc).

Use the form provided here to obtain a calendar.