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Individual landscape photography course

Do you prefer an individual approach and want to focus on exactly what causes you the most trouble when photographing landscapes and subsequent photo processing? Do you want to have a tutor just for yourself, or for whatever reason do you not want or can´t be among other participants? No problem. In the following Text, I have prepared an offer of individual courses for you.

Course focus and proces

To absolute beginners I will show and explain in the field how to control their camera, how to expose correctly in the given conditions (how exposure time, aperture and ISO are related), how to focus. We will talk about what depth of field is and what affects it and how to use white balance.

In the case of landscape photography at sunrise or sunset, we usually meet in the parking lot and then move together to the place where we will take photos. I will show you how you can choose the place from which you will take pictures and compose the picture, how to work with the foreground, how to choose a suitable focal point and how to recognize and use the lighting conditions to your advantage.

We can also agree on a full-day photoshoot, when we combine sunrise and sunset photography with photo editing and fill the time in between by photographing waterfalls and flowing water.

If you want to delve into the secrets of photographing the night sky and landscape, then, as in the previous case, we will meet near the place where we will photograph and then we will go to the location together. I will show you how to orientate yourself in the night sky, tell you which lenses are suitable, what the 500 rule is and how to use it. I will explain to you what a parallactic montage is and show you how to work with it. The following morning we will meet together and discuss editing the photos taken and working with programs designed for this, such as: Deep Sky Stacker, RegiStar and Photoshop.

At the end of the night photography course, each participant will receive a printed guide for editing the captured data.

What equipment will you need?

You will need the equipment you already have to complete the course. If you only have a better mobile phone or a compact camera, then this is not a problem. The only condition is that these devices have a manual mode. However, it is ideal to own a digital SLR or mirrorless camera with lenses and, last but not least, a tripod that is strong and stable.

Where can we go to take pictures together?

Among the most popular places where the course can take place are the Czech and Saxon Switzerland, the Czech and German sides of the Lusatian Mountains, the Jizerské Mountains, the Czech Central Highlands and the Ore Mountains.




How long will the course last?

The length of the course is adapted to your requirements, depending on what you want to learn or improve.

Taking photos of the sunrise or sunset at the location followed by moving somewhere to a cafe, where there is space and peace to edit the taken photos, usually takes 5 hours.

The night landscape photography course is more time-consuming. It starts after sunset and usually ends after midnight. Afterwards, we will meet together for breakfast and right after that we will focus on editing the images from the night.

Courses can of course be combined.

Course price?

Sunrise or sunset photography + photo editing € 80
Night landscape photography + image editing € 110
All-day photography + photo editing € 150
Combination: sunrise / sunset + night landscape + photo editing € 170

There is no problem in coming to see you anywhere in the Czech Republic if you wish. In such a case, it is necessary to expect an increase in the price by the cost of transport (€ 0,23/km).

Prices are final (I am not a VAT payer).