EMERALD LAKE | Filip Holič


On the shore of this little lake we ended our second day. The decision to sleep somewhere under the tent was once again ruined by the rain. Now what? Sleep in the car all four of us? At the end we got a special room in the hotel on the shore. Bergsteiger zimmer. What does this mean? Just room for climbers where you have to climb to bed no matter how. Climb the tree or the rope ladder and yes in that room were two trees. Lukas excited from the room and from the weather fell totally depressed and until he fell asleep only listened to "Prší krásně" by Petr Rezek. The next morning we headed to the lake to try our luck. Maybe the sun will shine for a moment and it did not. Thanks to that it beautifully accentuated the colors of the water in the lake. Hintersee is a really beautiful, picturesque lake and it is definitely worth a visit. Next time we will visit Geroldsee by sunrise.

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