I´ve been looking forward to this place from whole our trip. We arrived to the lake Königsee around nine in the morning and there was a lot of people who wanted to take a ride with boat like us. Boats are driven by electric motors to do not pollute water in the lake. A minute after leaving we saw the so-called Painter´s corner where is a magnificent view to the waters of the lake. Next we saw Königsbachfall which is a tumultuous waterfall in the middle of the lake and the highlight of the ride is the captains play on the flugelhorn when we listened to the charm of the local echoes. And right after that we saw it in all its glory. The third highest mountain of Germany, the Watzmann tall 2713 m. According to the rumors. A cruel and ruthless king that he had no mercy to his subjects. That´s why God was angry and transformed him along with his entire family in the mountain with nine peaks. Watzmann, however has no mercy even in his stone form. Its eastern wall presents a difficult challenge for climbers and has already claimed nearly a hundred lives. And according to me the most beautiful place is Eiskapelle which you can see on the photo glacier cave on the eastern slope of the mountain. Next time we´ll look at lake Hintersee.

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