PORTAL | Filip Holič


After a long time I finally found the time to edit and show You this picture. Long time I was preparing and waiting for it almost a year since I made it up. Eventually everything fell into place the way it has. The weather worked out perfectly, the moon was in New moon, so it was not disturbing and because it was night no one was unnecessarily walking here as usual. Otherwise during the day it is very busy place. It´s called the Tree of life, where the perimeter stones represent the twelve signs of the zodiac. On the picture you can see the planet Venus in conjunction with the cluster called the Pleiades in addition in this night was to be seen a phenomenon which is visible just after sunset in spring and before dawn in autumn in the period of the equinox. The phenomenon is called Zodiacal light. The light of the sun which translates into a dust and ice crystals in atmosphere and going through the star signs of the zodiac. Observing the night sky and the stars is truly something amazing.

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